Getting Granular with Google Group Membership

Granular Settings with Group Membership

Google has released new changes on how some Admin console settings can be applied. Here’s a chance to catch up with Google for Education Training Lead, Tom Woods, to find out which ones you should know about and what flexibility these granular settings will provide.

Google’s recent addition of granular settings adjustment by Group membership provides large opportunities to adjust the settings for the Directory, Drive and Docs, Youtube, and more based on users membership in a Google Group. This allows for greater flexibility to work outside of a restrictive Organizational Unit structure and provide settings to key groups of users. For more information on this recent change visit

Every setting in the Admin console can have large and critical implications if they are not properly configured.

To learn more about your setting configurations or if you have not had your Google Workspace domain environment audited for EDU best practices, download ‘Top Google for Education Domain Configuration Errors.’ It highlights the settings that are most commonly missed or are improperly set by many of the schools whose Google environments we have audited.  

If you would like help making sure your domain settings are set up to EDU best practices, connect with us to schedule an audit overview call and we will go over the full details with you.

  • Tom Woods
    Google for Education Training Lead

  • About the Author:

    Tom Woods is a Google Cloud Certified Administrator, Certified Deployment Specialist, and Amplified Admin with over 24 years in IT and 17 years in K-12 education. Tom brings unique insights into the planning, implementation, and support of Google for Education in the K-12 space. His experience includes 14 years in a large Ontario K-12 district where Google Workspace and Google for Education was introduced in 2009 and has since grown into one of the largest installations in the province by Tom and his team. Joining Amplified IT 4 years ago, he now assists schools across North America and leads our Consultancy team of experts.