Google Voice for Education

  • Increase productivity and complete the unification of communications within your G Suite domain. Google has introduced cloud based, Google Voice for G Suite for Education.

    • Simple– Manage in G Suite admin console, use on any device- anywhere

    • Smart– Block spam, transcribe voicemail and configure options on the fly with Google AI

    • Scalable– Grow at your own pace, secure and reliable

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User Experience

  • Google Voice gives users a phone number that isn’t tied to a device, so calls can be placed and received from any device, anywhere. 

  • Familiar interface and customizable settings to suit workflow.

  • Forward Google Voice number to another phone number to separate work and personal identities.

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Ease of Use: Admins

  • For admins, the G Suite admin console consolidates users, numbers, porting, and billing.

  • Easily provision numbers instantly and choose from a local list.

  • Integrated number porting helps prevent interruption of key business processes during migration.

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  • Google Voice was built in the cloud and completes the unified communications tools and services in G Suite.

  • G Suite integration with Meet and Calendar providing increased focus

  • Integration with G Suite, adds valuable context about calls to help users stay efficient and productive. 

  • Google AI powered spam detection prevents unwanted callers from getting to users decreasing interruptions

  • Accurate voicemail transcription saves time.



  • Disconnect from work and have calls sent to voicemail automatically based on working  hours settings in Google Calendar.

  • Read voicemail in the Voice app, or have it sent to email inbox.

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Auto Attendant

Let Google handle it:

  • Integrated business hours

  • International text-to-speech 

  • Submenus result in an auto attendant that’s easy to set up and efficient for callers to navigate.


Google Voice for Education Pricing

  • Standard Pricing

    For institutions purchasing individual licenses:

    • $20/user/month
  • Discounted Pricing

    For institutions purchasing Google Voice for the majority of their staff.  Please reach out to our team to discuss potential discounts.