Google Voice for Education

  • Increase productivity and complete the unification of communications within your G Suite domain. Google has introduced cloud based, Google Voice for G Suite for Education.

    • Simple– Manage in G Suite admin console, use on any device- anywhere

    • Smart– Block spam, transcribe voicemail and configure options on the fly with Google AI

    • Scalable– Grow at your own pace, secure and reliable

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Amplified IT is providing Google Voice licenses free with a trial through July 31st, 2020 as well as discounted pricing. To get started with the trial, please fill out this Google Voice trial request form.

User Experience

  • Google Voice gives users a phone number that isn’t tied to a device, so calls can be placed and received from any device, anywhere. 

  • Familiar interface and customizable settings to suit workflow.

  • Forward Google Voice number to another phone number to separate work and personal identities.

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Ease of Use: Admins

  • For admins, the G Suite admin console consolidates users, numbers, porting, and billing.

  • Easily provision numbers instantly and choose from a local list.

  • Integrated number porting helps prevent interruption of key business processes during migration.

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  • Google Voice was built in the cloud and completes the unified communications tools and services in G Suite.

  • G Suite integration with Meet and Calendar providing increased focus

  • Integration with G Suite, adds valuable context about calls to help users stay efficient and productive. 

  • Google AI powered spam detection prevents unwanted callers from getting to users decreasing interruptions

  • Accurate voicemail transcription saves time.



  • Disconnect from work and have calls sent to voicemail automatically based on working  hours settings in Google Calendar.

  • Read voicemail in the Voice app, or have it sent to email inbox.

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Auto Attendant

Let Google handle it:

  • Integrated business hours

  • International text-to-speech 

  • Submenus result in an auto attendant that’s easy to set up and efficient for callers to navigate.


Google Voice for Education Pricing

Pricing Tiers
Per License

Cost Per License

Discount Off MSRP

Regulatory Fees**

*2,500+ $5.00 75% $2.89
*2,000-2,499 $6.00 70% $2.89
1,500-1,999 $7.00 65% $2.89
1,000-1,499 $8.00 60% $2.89
500-999 $9.00 55% $2.89
1-499 $10.00 50% $2.89

*Amplified IT is required by Google to get approval for top 2 tier pricing **Estimated

Amplified IT and David Rosenthal from the Google Voice team recently presented an overview of Google Voice, reasons why we recommend it, and best practices for education. Watch the recording here.