Google Voice for Education

  • Whether you are on-site or remote, Google Voice for Education keeps your institution connected.

    Now your teachers, faculty, and staff can contact students, administrators, parents and even other teachers, without having to use their personal phone number. Simply link their Google Voice number to a cell or computer and they’ll no longer have to waste time switching between different apps. Everything will be right there where you need it with Google Voice.

Google Voice for Education Pricing

Pricing Tiers
Per License

Cost Per License Per Month

Discount Off MSRP

Regulatory Fees Per License Per Month*

2,500+ $5.00 75% $2.89
2,000-2,499 $6.00 70% $2.89
1,500-1,999 $7.00 65% $2.89
1,000-1,499 $8.00 60% $2.89
500-999 $9.00 55% $2.89
50-499 $10.00 50% $2.89

Things to know before you buy

  • Your tax exempt status & certificate is required by both Google and Amplified IT for tax purposes.
  • We must apply licenses to the correct primary G Suite domain. If we get the wrong domain the process will be delayed.
  • It is important to work directly with the Super Admin who will be assigning licenses. Not having the Super Admin involved will cause delays in service.
  • Transfer Token – A transfer token is required from your admin console to establish AIT as your reseller of record. If you are not already doing business with Amplified IT, we may need this to order licenses from Google.
  • Pricing on license counts over 1,500 are subject to approval.
  • There is a 50 license minimum for a 12-month term and all orders are billed annually.
  • Monthly regulatory fees are estimated.
  • See all Billing FAQ’s

Buying Enterprise as well? G Suite Enterprise for Education and Google Voice licenses must be purchased from the same reseller during your term of service. If you’ve bought GSEfE or are considering it, already having Amplified IT as your Google Voice reseller will significantly simplify the process.

You always get more when you purchase through Amplified IT

  • EDU Experience

    We only work with educational institutions and we are Google’s first and largest Google Voice for Education partner.

  • Google for Education

    Our team specializes in Google for Education and with our extensive knowledge of the G Suite environment, you can feel confident that you are in qualified hands.

  • Savings

    Because of our volume, we’re able to offer larger discounts on Google Voice for Education than others.

  • Expedited Solutions

    If you have a Google Voice for Education issue, you can rely on our direct escalation path to the Google Voice team. Our team can help you or use our Google Premier status to escalate your issue directly with them.

  • Onboarding Support

    We offer a range of video tutorials to help you and your team get up to speed and get started quickly with Google Voice for Education.

  • G Suite Enterprise for Education

    Google Voice & G Suite Enterprise licenses must be purchased from the same reseller during your term of service. Having Amplified IT as your Google Voice reseller will significantly simplify the process of upgrading to GSEfE.

Google Voice Features

Amplified IT and David Rosenthal from the Google Voice team recently presented an overview of Google Voice, reasons why we recommend it, and best practices for education. Watch the recording here.


G Suite account (managed)

Forward calls to linked numbers
Voicemail transcripts
Mobile app: Android & iOS
Don’t need to verify account with another phone number
Do not disturb based on Calendar working hours
Identify incoming Hangouts Meet calls
Do not disturb based on Calendar working hours
Use contacts from corporate directory
Desk phone compatible
Auto attendants
Ring groups*
Add credit to make calls Billed to organization
Classic Hangouts integration
Forward text messages to linked numbers

* Available to organizations in Beta program

Still have questions?

We’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ that should answer any questions or concerns you’ve got.