GFE Migration

  • Overview

  • A GAFE Migration provides a seamless transition from your current existing email system to Google Apps for Education. The GAFE migration will move your users’ mail, calendar, and contacts so their valuable settings and data are waiting for them in their new Gmail inbox.

What does GAFE Migration offer?

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    Email Migrations From

    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Zimbra
    • Novell GroupWise
    • IBM Domino / Notes
    • Generic IMAP
    • First Class
    • GAFE to GAFE
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    Preserve Environment

    • Send & Receive Date
    • Read State
    • Folder Structure Maps Directly to Gmail Labels
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    Migrate Information

    • Email
    • Calendar *
    • Tasks *
    • Contacts *
    • Archived Mail *

    *when supported

What to expect during the process:

  • 1. Kick-Off Meeting

    A migration begins with a kick-off call in where we identify the goals and objectives for your migration. We will establish what items you would like to migrate and in what time frame. We work with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    3. Migration Process

    Whether you would like to schedule your migration during school hours, after hours, weekends, or holidays, we will work with you to complete your migration within your schedule and time restraints.

  • 2. Pre-Migration Checklist

    A custom migration plan will be created with special attention to what items will migrate, action for all team members, and agreed on dates to finish on schedule. We will also instruct you on how to update your local printers, mail relays, BYOD devices, and more. So when the time comes to move forward, the transition is seamless for your users.

    4. Review and Support

    We are here for you even after the migration has completed. We will provide post-migration support to troubleshoot any issues you might experience. The process will be completed with a closed down call to ensure success.