GFE Provisioning


  • Overview


  • Amplified IT’s GAFE Provisioning Service will seamlessly update information into your GAFE domain straight from your LDAP environment using Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) and Google Apps Password Sync (GAPS). This automation is the number one way to eliminate confusion and reduce wasted time while improving consistency across your user provisioning solutions.

What is GAFE Provisioning?

  • Development of GADS and GAPs

    Custom configuration to synchronize data from LDAP to GAFE with thorough testing and simulation review before live deployment.

  • Analysis & Recommendations

    Configuration guidance and recommendations of your Organizational Unit structure, user account naming, and provisioning.

  • Assistance for Implementation

    Implementation assistance with various aspects of GADS/GAPS for existing systems and automation of GADS regular syncs.

  • Technical Review of GADS and GAPS

    Technical audit of existing GADS/GAPS structure and technical reviews of your customized configuration.

What to expect during the process:

  • 1. Kick-Off Meeting

    GAFE Provisioning projects begin with a scoping call in which we examine specifics about your environment and begin designing a custom implementation. We discuss user names, passwords, Organizational Unit structure, and much more.

  • 2. GADS/GAPS Configuration

    An initial configuration of GADS and GAPS is completed and then simulations are performed to ensure the tools are making appropriate changes. These simulations will be reviewed by your team before we deploy any changes to your GAFE environment.

  • 3. Technical Overview

    Want to know how we set up GADS or GAPS, or maybe just exactly how we map users in AD to an OU in GAFE? We will have a technical overview of the inner workings with the tools and show you all the relevant configuration within GADS/GAPS, how to make changes, basic troubleshooting, and how the automation is set up.

  • 4. Ongoing GADS/GAPS Support

    Whether we set up your GADS/GAPS configuration or you need assistance with a previous deployment, we are here to offer you ongoing support and consultancy.