Little SIS Premium Makes Syncing Classes to Google Classroom Easier

  • Amplified IT’s family of products just got a new Little SIS, and we want you to meet her!

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  • Little SIS Premium is a Cloud-based product that makes Google Classroom management even more efficient and effective. It is a powerhouse that combines the Google Workspace administrative abilities of Little SIS for Classroom with the add-on functionalities of Amplified IT’s new Sync tool in a single web application.

  • This new Sync will enable you to:

    • Synchronize your Classroom classes and roster

    • Analyze and sync Guardian invitations

    • Automate roster and Guardian sync jobs

  • Additionally, “Teacher Review” is a new feature within Sync that enables teachers to:

    • Review their SIS classes prior to being provisioned

    • Accept, decline, merge their SIS classes

    • Link a SIS class to an existing ACTIVE Google Classroom

Little SIS Premium Overview Video

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