• Overview


  • Created by Amplified IT, the Google for Education Sync tool provides an easy automated solution for syncing student data to Google Workspace for Education. The tool can be used to provision, update, and suspend accounts, as well as provide a custom solution to meet your school-specific needs.

What does the Sync tool do?

  • AIT_GafeSync2_1pager_021116-01_07Provisioning

    The Sync enables provisioning of user accounts, passwords, groups, and other objects into Google Workspace for Education.

  • AIT_GafeSync2_1pager_021116-01_09Synchronization

    This includes student information systems, LDAP compatible directory services, and more.

  • AIT_GafeSync2_1pager_021116-01_11Security

    Your sensitive information stays in your own environment so you are always in control.

  • AIT_GafeSync2_1pager_021116-01_13

    With this fully customizable solution, we are able to work with any source and explore any ideas to meet your needs.

What to expect during the process:

  • Kick-off meeting

    The project begins with a scoping call in which we examine specifics about your environment and begin designing a custom implementation. We discuss usernames, passwords, organizational unit structure, and much more.

  • Sync tool configuration

    An initial configuration of the Sync tool is completed, followed by thorough simulations to ensure it is making the appropriate changes. These simulations will be reviewed by your team before we deploy any changes to your Google Workspace for Education environment.

Want More?

  • In-depth customization

    Need specific information synced into your Google Workspace for Education user accounts? We can work with you to customize the Sync tool fully to your needs.

    Ongoing support

    After the initial deployment, we are here to offer you ongoing support and consultancy.

  • Technical overview

    Want to know how we set up the Sync tool, or maybe just exactly how we map users in your SIS to an OU in Google Workspace for Education? We will provide a detailed technical overview of how the Sync tool is configured, including how to make changes, basic troubleshooting, and how the automation is set up.