Our Team

At Amplified IT, our core mission is to assist K12  and Higher Ed to develop actionable road maps with Google for Education technology and enable them to achieve their vision.

Our values and impact are the driving force behind our small but purposeful team. We are focused on knowledge transfer and empowering schools to use Google for Education as the backbone for sustainable education innovation. Our employees embody those mission values and cultivate a culture of community by bringing energy, collaborative ideas, and pride to their work.

Meet the Team

  • Tim Lee

    President & Founder
  • Peter Henrie

    Vice President & Founder
  • Melanie Long

    Customer Success Lead
  • Steven Houldcroft

    Google For Education Services Analyst
  • James Petersen

    Software Engineer
  • Keegan Morrison

    Chief Cloud Architect
  • Melissa Benson

    Google for Education Technical Collaborative Lead
  • Tom Woods

    Google for Education Training Lead
  • Damion “Dom” Williams

    Provisioning Consultant
  • Stephen Gale

    Technical Support Analyst
  • Ryan Pronk

    Regional Account Manager – East
  • Peter Lee

    Lead Software Engineer
  • Angela DePrima

    Logistics Lead
  • Carl Behmer

    Service Delivery Lead
  • Chris River

    Data Migration Consultant
  • Rosario “Roz” Pascasio

    Regional Account Manager – West
  • Catherine Weers

    Onboarding & Engagement Consultant
  • Kristi Dazevedo

    Marketing Project Manager
  • Paul Rice

    Program Manager
  • Michael Walters

    Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Kendal Shomura

    Google for Education Training Consultant
  • Spencer Easton

    Software Engineer
  • Erika Renfrew

    Regional Account Manager – East
  • Andrew Giggey

    Google for Education Technical Consultant
  • Andrea Frendo

    Support & Onboarding Specialist
  • Bridget Guthrie

    Regional Account Manager – Central
  • Alicia Fitzpatrick

    Director of People Operations
  • Ola Ziemacka

    Logistics Coordinator
  • Tanya Holloran

    Specialist Sales Lead
  • Karl Hehr

    Director of Delivery
  • tammy-headshot

    Tammy Groff

    Google for Education Training Consultant
  • Geraint Anderson

    Software Engineer
  • Brady Heinrich

    Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Dana Jackson

    Higher Education Relationship Manager
  • Fred Aldrich

    Google for Education Technical Consultant
  • Chenell Benson

    Technical Support Analyst
  • Maddy Feliciano

    Migration Specialist
  • Steve Bokmiller

    Finance Controller
  • Shiloh Gealogo

    Director of Product
  • Eric Sizemore

    Technical Account Manager
  • Mike Mitchell

    Head of Sales
  • Mike Beeson

    VP, Strategic Operations
  • Mitch Dowhower

    Cloud Migration Lead
  • Casey Zawadzki

    Product Manager
  • Spencer Oswald

    Education Data Consultant
  • Brandon Paredes

    Technical Support Analyst
  • Beth Phillips

    Technical Support Analyst
  • Jessica Bright

    Director, Business Development
  • Jarrett Hatchett

    Internal Systems Engineer
  • Lorrie McConnell

    Technical Writer
  • Jennifer Lux

    Head of Marketing
  • Amanda Karie-Fenton

    Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Danielle Ryan

    Sales Operations Analyst
  • Lalena Parkhurst

    Technical Support Consultant
  • Jada Dawson

    Marketing Copywriter
  • Darian Venerable

    Regional Account
  • Shannon Jesequel

    Regional Account
  • Alex Kwiatkowski

    Regional Account
  • Kim Mauney

    Regional Account
  • Jordan Patton

    Google for Education
    Services Analyst
  • Kate Odinokova

    Quality Assurance
  • Chris Barbosa

    Financial Analyst
  • Danielle Kingsbury

    Staff Accountant
  • Brandon Pham

    Cloud Migration Specialist
  • Liz Drout

    Product Manager
  • Heather Wallace

    Sales Ops Assistant
  • Brian Zengel

    Lead Software Engineer
  • Carly Walker

    Higher Education Consultant
  • Lauren Eley

    Billing Specialist
  • Adam Kofod

    Regional Account Manager
  • Sam Chapman

    Regional Account Manager
  • Robert Tiffey

    Regional Account Manager
  • Brian Putka

    Partner Sales Manager
  • Anthony Goldman

    Software Engineer
  • Ben Gross

    Software Engineer
  • Hiccup

    Chief Office Dog
  • Who’s Next?

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