Our Team

At Amplified IT, our core mission is to assist K12 school districts to develop actionable road maps with Google for Education technology and enable them to achieve their vision.

Our values and impact are the driving force behind our small but purposeful team. We are focused on knowledge transfer and empowering schools to use Google for Education as the backbone for sustainable education innovation. Our employees embody those mission values and cultivate a culture of community by bringing energy, collaborative ideas, and pride to their work.

Meet the Team

  • Tim Lee

    Chief Technology Officer & Founder
  • Peter Henrie

    Chief Operations Officer & Founder
  • Melanie Long

    Data, Implementation, and Engagement Consultant
  • Steven Houldcroft

    Google For Education Services Analyst
  • James Peterson

  • Keegan Morrison

    Chief Cloud Architect
  • Melissa Benson

    Google for Education Consultant
  • Tom Woods

    Lead Google for Education Consultant
  • Damion “Dom” Williams

    Cloud Architect
  • Sean Christein

    Regional Account Manager – Central
  • Stephen Gale

    Technical Support Analyst
  • Andrew Stillman

    Chief Product Officer
  • Ryan Pronk

    Regional Account Manager – East
  • Peter Lee

    Lead Developer
  • Angela DePrima

    Regional Account Manager – Coordinator
  • Carl Behmer

    Google for Education Consultant
  • Chris River

    Cloud Architect
  • Rosario “Roz” Pascasio

    Regional Account Manager – West
  • Catherine Weers

    Partnership Manager
  • Kristi Dazevedo

    Marketing Manager
  • Paul Rice

    Events Coordinator and Community Engagement
  • Michael Walters

    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Kendal Shomura

    Google for Education Consultant
  • Spencer Easton

  • Charlene Davies

    Regional Account Manager – West
  • Who’s Next?

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