Chrome Checkup

  • Overview

  • A Google for Education Chrome Check-up digs deep into your current Chrome User, Device and Management configuration . Our industry experts will analyze all Chrome related Admin Console settings and your Chrome device data to ensure you are optimized for success and ready for the future!

Ready to get started?

The focus of the Chrome Checkup will be split into the following key areas:

  • Audit1

    Setup & Management

    Review of your OU structure, Lifecycle, Onboarding and enrollment practices.

  • Audit2

    Chrome User Settings

    Analysis of delegated Admins, all Chrome User settings and their impact on users.

  • Audit3

    App & Extension Management

    Usage and management of Chrome Apps & extensions including Android Apps.

  • Audit4

    Chrome Device Analysis

    In-depth reporting on device details. Snapshot of usage and adoption data.

What will you learn from your Chrome Checkup?

  • Results of the Check-up service will be documented in a comprehensive report. Each finding will be outlined and information provided on corrections and next steps will be discussed with our leading industry experts over a 1 hour review call.

  • Assessment and action plans created of best steps forward

  • Audit 5

    Detailed analysis by EDU-focused Google experts with K-12 IT experience and background

  • Audit 9

    Detailed Roadmap and understanding of how Chrome can best utilized to support your goals and initiatives

How it works?

1. Kickoff Meeting

An initial kickoff meeting will be carried out with relevant team members of your staff and our experts. An understanding of your current environment and progress with GFE will be gathered.

2. Review/Analysis

Amplified IT consultants will remotely review your Google Workspace Chrome settings and devices. All findings and information will be recorded and analyzed against EDU best practices. No changes will be made to your environment.

3. Report Creation

The results of the Check-up and Analysis will be a comprehensive, documented report in the form of a Google Doc. It will be split into the following sections:

  • Setup & Management
  • Chrome User Settings & Delegation
  • App & Extension Management
  • Chrome Device Analysis

4. Review Meeting

An Amplified IT consultant will explain each of the findings and recommendations in detail, ensuring that a clear picture of the next steps and a direction forward is conveyed.

Is your Chrome environment ready to keep up with your students ?

Whether you are rolling out Chrome Devices in carts, one to one, or just starting your journey, our Google for Education experts will ensure you have a solid foundation to build upon with a Chrome Checkup. Connect with a Regional Account Manager to get started today.