• Introducing Amplified IT’s newest Gopher! This new Sheets Add-On gives you insights into your Drive and Storage Usage.

  • Uncover Your Storage.

    Google for Education customers want to understand their storage consumption and manage it to get ahead of the upcoming limits. Gopher for Drive provides high level information about the total storage usage on your Google Workspace for Education domain. It provides user-level and file-type reporting to help you identify large storage footprints and manage them effectively.

  • Gain Valuable Storage Insights.

    Additionally, you will have insights to Shared Drives on your domain and filter to see the large files within your Shared Drives.

Gopher for Drive allows you to:

View overall domain storage usage

View user storage usage

View large files for users

Filter by file type and file size

Need Help? 

Visit our Help Desk for information on installing Gopher for Drive and how to get started.

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Gopher for Drive is the newest addition to our Gopher Pack bundle of products. Learn why thousands of other education technology leaders choose Gopher tools to reduce manual tasks and make managing Chromebooks, Gmail, Users, and Groups far more efficent.

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