Replacing Cloud Print

November 10, 2020

Last November, we published a blog post outlining Google’s announcement that Cloud Print would be deprecated by the end of 2020. Unbelievably, that is just around the corner! If you are still wanting to print from Chrome OS you will need to move to Google’s Native printing, CUPs, or explore Google’s printing partners to continue printing. Since the sunsetting of Cloud Print being announced, there have been several improvements to native printing. Even with improvements, you may still be interested in exploring partner printing options.

What is Chrome OS native printing?

Native printing leverages a print service called Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS). With native printing, the CUPS server runs locally on the Chromebook. All print jobs are processed on the local machine, not centrally managed. When you add a printer, you can configure a specific printer for everyone, for users, or devices in certain groups. More information on native printing can be found in Google’s knowledge base here

What features will be available with CUPS/native Chrome OS printing by the end of 2020?

  • Ability to bulk manage up to 20 printers

  • Ability to force policy for 2-sided and color printing 

  • Policy to manage PIN Code printing

  • Enhanced set up where users can see and save any available printers (compatible with IPP/IPPS)

  • Group-based printer management

  • PIN-code printing management to allow users to enter a PIN when sending a print job and release the print job for printing when they enter a PIN on the printer

  • PostScript Printer Description file (PPD) advanced attribute support for stapling and paper trays

  • Ability to configure and connect to external CUPS print servers

  • APIs for third-parties to access print job metadata, submit print jobs, and bulk manage printers

What are alternatives to native Chrome OS printing?

There are many options available for printing partners. Google lists them in their knowledge base article here. Amplified IT has had a partnership with since summer 2018. offers a serverless solution originally built for Chrome OS and has expanded to support Windows as well. Directprint leverages native printing and provides a centralized print management solution. Seamlessly integrated with the admin console, administrators can allocate printer to a user and/or a device, providing flexibility and ease of management. Furthermore, extensive policies are available for mitigating costs associated with printing. Amplified IT recommends Directprint as the best option for Chromebook printing as it was built from the ground up with Chromebooks and the Google Workspace ecosystem in mind. 

Check out our post on preparing for the end of Google Cloud Print here

How can Amplified IT help?

Starting December 31, 2020, Cloud Print will no longer function on any OS platform. Be proactive and explore alternatives to Cloud Print now. Our team can explore and analyze your current Cloud Print footprint, walk you through your options, demo suitable products, provide pricing, and set you up with a supported trial. Connect with us and let us know how we can help your team to start planning for Cloud Print alternatives.  

  • Catherine Weers
    Onboarding & Engagement Consultant

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    Catherine lives in Virginia Beach, walking distance to the Chesapeake Bay, and works at Amplified IT as the Onboarding and Engagement Consultant. Catherine joined Amplified IT in 2017 after serving in public schools for 13 years as a teacher in addition to various technology roles. During her time in the school system, Catherine spearheaded the virtual instruction program, helped implement online learning options, alongside internal training. Her current role allows ample opportunity to empower schools while sharing best practices to get the most out of the cloud solutions they adopt. In her spare time, you can find her at the beach with her family, likely chasing her 2 young daughters and petting all the dogs.