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How Small Tech Departments Can Master User Provisioning and Classroom Rostering in Google Workspace

Whether you’re a Tech Director at a small school district, or an innovative teacher who somehow ended up having “Google apps administrator” added to their job description, you know that Google for Education brings your school immeasurable value and cost-savings. But what about time savings?

Do you struggle with the juggle?

If you’ve been using Google in your school for any amount of time, you can probably attest that one of the biggest pain points is user management. Creating, suspending, deleting and placing users in the correct organizational units takes countless tedious hours, and if you’re a one-person tech shop, you may find it hard to keep up.

We polled New York City Public Schools and found that Google Administrators reported spending 36 hours per year on user management. That’s almost a whole week of their day job!

They also reported that teachers spend about 9 hours per year just keeping their Google Classroom rosters up to date.

When student accounts don’t exist, or when they are left on or off rosters, learning and meaningful tech adoption suffer. How can you make your life easier, make teachers happy, and increase the learning impact of your technology investment?

Here’s where we come in

Amplified Labs is partnered with Clever to bring you a “white glove” User and Classroom provisioning solution for Google Workspace: Managed Sync for Google Workspace.

This new service is the marriage of two of our most popular tools, GFE Sync and Little SIS for Classroom, but without the server or data requirements that can pose a real challenge for small tech departments. Our partnership with Clever allows us to seamlessly access your SIS data, and we host and fully-manage the Google Workspace and Google Classroom-sync for you, so all you need to worry about is what you’re going to do with all the time you’re saving.

Check out the video below to see how Managed Sync for Google Workspace can help you master automated Google Workspace provisioning!

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    Melanie lives in Virginia and is based in Amplified IT’s home office located in Norfolk. One of the first members to join the Amplified IT team, Melanie has worn many hats at the company. She most enjoys interfacing with customers and helping them implement tools that solve common pain points and frustrations. Today she leads the onboarding and interfacing with Labs tool clients, making lives easier and breezier one implementation at a time.