5 Reasons to Choose Amplified IT as Your Google for Education Partner

What drives your team to choose one vendor or partner over another? Do relationships or peer references drive your decision? Do you strongly consider a partner’s experience or diligently read their reviews? 

Many reasons motivate us to do business with one company over another. In this post, we detail the top reasons over 4,000 districts across North America choose Amplified IT as their Google for Education partner and redeem the Google Services Offer with Amplified IT.

1. Legacy Google for education partner

Amplified IT is a Premier Google Partner and is therefore one of Google for Education’s most established partners. Our partnership with Google began in 2010 and today, Amplified IT is a trusted resource for over 4,000 organizations supporting hundreds of thousands of staff and students across North America. As a Google for Education Premier Partner, we are an extension of the Google for Education mission. We help teachers inspire curiosity and students discover and learn together by supporting the IT teams who make education technology possible. We are ready to create a custom Google for Education roadmap for your school or district because helping you reach your educational objectives is what we do best. Because of our strong partner status, we have unique insights into Google’s roadmap and can guide your district based on this knowledge.

2. Education-specific and specialized

We know education and we know Google. Amplified IT is an education-focused consultancy with services and products specifically for Google for Education institutions. Our staff is 100% dedicated to Google Cloud and the technologies that connect to it. We live and breathe Google and are fully dedicated to supporting this ecosystem. In order to best serve you, we also understand the complexities of education and are solely focused on ensuring school and district success with Google for Education.

3. Google for Education partner of the year

There are many awards edtech companies can apply for. There are fewer awards for those who focus on impact as a measure of success. We’ve been nominated for countless awards and were proud to receive the Google Cloud Partner of the Year for Education award at the 2018 global partner event. This award recognizes the hard work our team invests toward supporting schools of all sizes, from small private schools up to the largest in North America. Notably, Amplified IT has worked directly with 12 of the 15 largest school districts to set up their Google Workspace domains for education best practices.

In addition, Amplified IT is officially certified as a Great Place to Work® and was recently recognized by Inhersight as one of the Best Information Technology and Services Companies to Work For Women.

4. Long-standing Google Services Offer partner

Amplified IT has consistently been chosen as a Google for Education Deployment Partner for the Google Services Offer (GSO). GSO is Google’s annual Chromebook and Google Workspace for Education Plus promotion. Our catalog of services includes technical support, Google environment audits, technical training and certification courses, an exclusive technical user community for Google Admins, and tools that simplify the management of Chromebooks, groups, users, Google Classroom data. Amplified IT works with EDU technology departments to understand the needs of an environment and allocate credits to the appropriate products and services to best support a school or district.

5. Team Members Who Understand Your Needs

You already know we only work with education customers. Did you know that nearly 50% of our team has had a past career in education technology? Many of our team members are past IT Directors working to provide the support they know districts need. We even have some Google for Education team members on our staff. We’ve been there and we understand the struggles that IT leaders face in the education space. Amplified IT is committed to providing you with valuable resources to support your needs, like we have done with nearly 1,000 institutions through the GSO last year.

If you’re ready to get started with redeeming your Google Services Offer credit, or have questions for our team, schedule a call with an Amplified IT Google for Education expert now. We can help you decide the best ways to spend your credits and how you can make the biggest impact on your district by leveraging the Google Services Offer.

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  • Jennifer Lux
    Head of Marketing

  • About the Author:

    Jennifer Lux, Head of Marketing, joined Amplified IT with 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, and client experience. With a degree in Neuroscience, she is passionate about the intersection of psychology and marketing. While involved in marketing efforts for educational institutions throughout her career, witnessing educators struggle to adapt to digital learning during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired her to join the Amplified IT team. When she isn’t studying business strategy and leadership, Jennifer is active skiing, hiking, and running with her family in the Colorado mountains.