Sticky Settings for Google Meet

January 13, 2021

Google is changing the behavior of a few Google Meet settings in Google for Education. Specifically, there are now certain settings that are “sticky,” which means that if they were turned on or off during a meeting, that setting would be saved for all future meetings using that same meeting code. Prior to this Google update, the settings in a meeting would revert back to their default state when a meeting with the same code was restarted.

This update will apply to these settings:

In this video, Tom Woods will go over the details of this update and how to apply these sticky settings. To stay up to date with key Google for Education updates like this one, be sure to consider having your team join the North American Google Technical Collaborative (NAGTC), a private EDU-Google Admin technical community.

  • Tom Woods
    Google for Education Training Lead

  • About the Author:

    Tom Woods is a Google Cloud Certified Administrator, Certified Deployment Specialist and Amplified Admin with over 24 years in IT and 17 years in K-12 education.  Tom brings unique insights into the planning, implementation, and support of Google for Education in the K-12 space.  His experience includes 14 years in a large Ontario K-12 district where Google Workspace and Google for Education was introduced in 2009 and has since grown into one of the largest installations in the province by Tom and his team.  Joining Amplified IT 4 years ago, he now assists schools across North America and leads our Consultancy team of experts.