Screen Capture with Chrome OS 89

Screen capturing, available with Chrome OS 89 and above, is a beneficial tool for school districts to use. It allows you to record and save the content you engage with, or create, on a device. Screen capturing makes it easier for administrators to demonstrate digital issues and explain solutions, for teachers to develop complementary resources for lessons, and for students to keep and access content as long as they need to.

In this video, Kendal Shomura goes through how to enable the screen capturing option, how to capture your screen as a photo or video, how to save and store the file, and how to access it.

To learn more about how to monitor and manage screen capture files in the Admin console, connect with our team of experts.

  • Kendal Shomura
    Google for Education Training Consultant

  • About the Author:

    Kendal Shomura joined the Amplified IT team in 2018 after 7 years working in Public Schools as an educator, Instructional Coach, Technology Integration Specialist, and as a Professor in Masters of Educational Technology program at Touro University. He spent 3 years as a Google Administrator while training staff on how to integrate G Suite tools into their classrooms. Kendal’s wide array of experiences with Educational Technology allows him to understand the important nuances of technology in schools. Today, he is a Google for Education Consultant who works to help schools better understand and leverage their Google environment for student learning.