Google Classroom Changes & Updates Based on Different Google Workspace Editions

Are you a Google Classroom user? Do you support Google Classroom? Check out this edition of the Collaborative Corner where we review the recent Google Classroom changes and upcoming updates. Get a handle on when these features will be released and in what edition.

  • Melissa Benson
    Google for Education Training Consultant

  • About the Author:

    Melissa joined Amplified IT in 2015 where she began as a Google Workspace for Education Consultant, working with schools on implementing Google Workspace and Chromebooks into their systems. Now, as the Google Workspace for Education Technical Collaborative Lead, she focuses on helping schools stay up to date with Google Workspace and Google Cloud updates and best practices. Actively working in the Google Workspace Admin Console since 2008, Melissa has a passion for solving problems and empowering admins with more Google Workspace knowledge.