Locked Mode for Google Form Quizzes

At ISTE this past summer, Google announced that they will be releasing locked mode quizzes in Classroom for schools with managed Chromebooks. The response was enormous, and the wait is finally over!

Two weeks ago, Google released the beta for this highly anticipated release, and many teachers have already started using it.

How can locked mode quizzes impact your teachers?

Simple answer – it will impact your students just as much as it will be a very helpful benefit to your teachers by simply enabling teachers with the power to keep students on task (and honest) while taking a quiz.

Locked mode in Quizzes in Google Forms

By enabling locked mode, teachers now have the ability to prevent students from navigating out of the Google Form quiz until after the questions have been submitted. To further simplify this process, Google has also added the ability to launch a quiz directly from Classroom without needing to navigate to Drive. Teachers can also take this a step further by creating a quiz and assigning it directly to the selected class, or to multiple classes.

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In addition to locked quizzes, Google also announced the beta for the new Gradebook, where teachers can better organize their assignments and grades in Classroom. The key features of the new Gradebook are:

  • View grades in one place

  • Average grades

  • Grade categories & settings

Google for Education will slowly be phasing in the new features, however, if you’d like to jump the line, you can express interest in signing up for either of the betas by filling out this Google form.

As Google Classroom releases more features that allow districts to use it as their “default LMS,” we’re excited that districts can find even greater value tools like Amplified Labs’ Little SIS for Classroom, a self-hosted solution which syncs Student Information System rosters and guardians to Classroom, and services like Managed Sync for Google Workspace, which offers fully touchless Google Workspace user and Classroom provisioning as a managed service.

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