Introducing Little SIS Premium: Putting teachers in control

Amplified IT has a NEW Little SIS! Little SIS Premium is a powerhouse Cloud-based product that makes Google Classroom management even more efficient and effective. This upgrade combines the administrative abilities of Little SIS for Classroom with the add-on functionalities of Amplified IT’s Sync tool in a single web application rather than an installed one. The tool allows Google Admins to synchronize Classroom classes and rosters, analyze and sync Guardian invitations, and automate roster and Guardian sync jobs. Its Teacher Review feature puts teachers in control, letting them review their provisioned SIS classes, link a SIS class to an existing ACTIVE Google Classroom, and accept, decline, and merge their SIS classes.

Premium features

Little SIS Premium offers fewer obstacles for teachers to navigate in the adoption process, consistent online workflow for students across their classes and a seamless way to track students so that they are not left behind. It gives teachers more time to focus on instruction and less on the tech itself, and parents a consistent window into their child’s digital work with guardian synching with features such as: 

Class and roster sync jobs

Sync capabilities automatically update class details, rosters, and send guardian invitations as this information changes in the SIS system. Syncs run as manual or scheduled jobs. 

Each job includes the following basic configuration settings and preferences:

  • Job name and description

  • The Windows path and file name of the CSV source(s)

  • Mappings between the source data and fields, including the class alias field

  • Inclusion and exclusion rules that limit which classes in the SIS data are to be synced to Classroom

  • Overwriting teacher-entered values for fields like Course name, adding or removing students, notifications to teachers, and thresholds for evaluating potential matches amongst teacher-created Classroom classes

LEARN MORE: Set up a sync job

Teacher Review

Teacher Review was developed to give teachers more say in how they manage their Google Classroom classes. With this feature, teachers can:

Teacher Review is enabled by default but can be disabled for any sync job. To do so, when adding or editing a roster sync job, go to Update Preferences (step 5) and select the Teacher Review/Class Links tab and choose either Provision Classes or Analyze Class Links instead of Teacher Review.

Student Collections

Student Collections allows delegated users to create customizable groups of students where they can monitor their classroom metrics at a high level in a group setting for greater visibility.

From Collections delegated users can:

  • View existing Collections

  • Super admins can see all available Collections

  • Delegated users can see only Collections they have created

  • Create a Collection

  • Add students to a Collection

  • Remove the students included in a Collection

  • Refresh Collections

  • Select a single or all Collections

  • Edit, view details for or delete Collections via a menu for each collection

If you are interested in this cloud-based tool, learn more on our Little SIS Premium webpage. If you are ready to get started with Little SIS Premium, speak with our team of experts.

  • Casey Zawadzki
    Product Manager

  • About the Author:

    Casey lives just outside of Orlando, FL and is part of Amplified IT’s growing Product Development team. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Casey received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and has spent the last 12 years working within Higher Education, Education Technology, and K-12 SaaS in a variety of roles. When he isn’t working Casey is spending time with his 8 year old son, inshore kayak fishing, or woodworking.