Introducing Student Collections in Little SIS for Classroom

February 2021

Welcome to the new student Collections experience: A powerful new feature to help delegated users create customizable groups of students where they can monitor their classroom metrics at a high level in a group setting.

So whether you’re a principal, assistant principal, counselor, or support your school in another role you can see classwork performance without having to navigate all over the place. Think about it, if you want to see how your AP students are doing with their classwork you could build a Collection just for them or if you wanted a Collection based on individual learning plans, you can do that too. The possibilities are endless!

Once a Collection is created, Collection data and individual student data are navigable within the Collection. 

Little SIS for Classroom’s new student Collections feature empowers delegated users to effectively and flexibly gain visibility into a Collection of students via:

  • A student-centered experience: Student Collections appear together in an intuitive and clear interface

  • Scalable organization of student data: Build and manage multiple Collections in ways that make sense for each delegated user

  • A launchpad for new functionality: Upcoming features and enhancements will be built on Collections

It is important to point out that Collections do not change where any data resides. The feature simply introduces a new way for you to manage and drill-down on that data.

Neatly arranged Collections

Student Collections appear together in an intuitive and clear interface. Collections are where Collections are created and where students are added to and removed from Collections. Actions for the Collections can be easily accessed via the Collection card. To keep your Collections tidy and organized, users can create up to 12 Collections, each containing a maximum of 250 students. Delegated users are encouraged to structure Collections in a way that makes sense to them.

From Collections delegated users can:

  • View existing Collections

    • Super admins can see all available Collections

    • Delegated users can see only Collections they have created

  • Create a Collection

  • Add students to a Collection

  • Remove the students included in a Collection

  • Refresh Collections

  • Select a single or all Collections

  • Edit, view details for or delete Collections via a menu for each collection

Refresh Collection data

Once your Collection is built, the data will refresh nightly. A refresh is available to gain real-time data in the interim.


Easy navigation between individual and aggregate data

Move conveniently from whole Collection data to data for a subsection of the Collection and down to data for a specific student. 

From the Classwork Summary users can:

  • View aggregate data for students in a Collection individually or as an entire Collection

  • Filter aggregate data by this week, last week, last 30 days, and last 60 days so you can look at anything in the future

  • Open a single student view for any student in the Collection directly from the Collection

  • Select specific student’s within a Collection to dive deeper into aggregate data for only those students

Start with Collections, when you are ready 

Change can be hard, but Collections is worth exploring. Collections is a permission-based feature. You do not need to grant access to every delegated user nor is this feature automatically available to your users upon release. This allows you time to plan out which users you want to be able to create Collections. When you are ready, 

  1. Enable the View and Manage Collections permission for all the roles you would like to have access to Collections in Little SIS for Classroom

  2. Let your delegated users know what Collections are and that they now have access  

After that, they now have everything they need to build their Collections. 

  • Casey Zawadzki
    Product Manager

  • About the Author:

    Casey lives just outside of Orlando, FL and is part of Amplified IT’s growing Product Development team. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Casey received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and has spent the last 12 years working within Higher Education, Education Technology, and K-12 SaaS in a variety of roles. When he isn’t working Casey is spending time with his 8 year old son, inshore kayak fishing, or woodworking.