Let’s talk Chromebooks

With Chromebook popularity continuing to rise at an exponential rate it’s always a good time to “talk Chromebooks.” In this post, we will remind you of some previously shared information, some new tips/tricks and provide some areas to consider as you continue to manage, grow, and leverage your Chromebook program.

Let’s start with some good solid tips to help you with your everyday management of Chromebooks

Are you having issues getting your Chromebooks updated? Make sure you don’t have any restrictions set in Device Settings for your Auto Updates. We encourage you to stay as current as possible, some district stay current to the most recent stable version, some feel safer staying one version behind. If you decide to stay one version behind give yourself a calendar event to check this setting every four weeks to ensure you keep moving it forward as appropriate. Did you know Chromebooks update in the background to another partition?  They are simply waiting to reboot to put that update into use.