• Video creation designed with learning in mind.

  • Video creation encourages students to share their discoveries and demonstrate their learning as they develop collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity skills.

    Educators and students love WeVideo because it’s designed with learning in mind and makes it easy for students to capture, create, view and share their ideas through video.

Ready to get started?

Students are using WeVideo to create:

Green screen videos. Make newscasts, reports, or place yourself anywhere in the world without leaving
the classroom.

Podcasts. Amplify your voice with unlimited audio tracks and over 100,000 sound effects and music clips.

Screencasts. Show your learning by recording your screen and adding voice over and effects.

Reflections and portfolios. Let your ideas and voice be heard through video reflections and projects.

What educators love about WeVideo:

Essentials media library: With access to over 650,000 licensed video, music, and image clips within the platform, the possibilities are endless.

Project templates: Ideal for accelerating the learning process, templates help teachers and students jump-start
their video projects.

Team collaboration: Students can work with classmates and teachers on any project.

Safe and secure platform: Provides classrooms a safe environment for searching, creating and sharing video projects. WeVideo is COPPA and FERPA compliant.

Cloud-based software: Works on any device including Chromebooks, Apples and iOS and Android mobile devices

Purchasing this product through Amplified IT provides initial setup and training, along with access to unmatched technical expertise and customer support in the K-12 marketplace. Our EDU-specialized staff will provide roll out training for your team, and offer proactive assistance with the entire implementation process. We will also work to determine the best way to utilize the service, and scope the best data management solution for your school district.

Amplified IT is vendor independent, which means every three months we review the services available to K-12 schools and select the ones we feel are most suitable for our customers. We have reseller agreements with all of these third parties and offer our assistance with their setup on your domain at no additional cost. When the service is bought via Amplified IT, there are no additional charges for deployment, ongoing support, and consultancy. If you are interested in a third party tool, let us know and we can advise you on if it’s the right fit and how best to deploy.