Explore our enterprise-level Support Services: A team member spotlight

As technology becomes more essential to the education industry, it is important to ensure the technical challenges that leave your digital infrastructure vulnerable to network errors, misaligned configuration, security breaches, app degradation and more are met with the most effective solutions. Amplified IT’s Support Services expands Google for Education’s basic break-fix support offerings and saves IT departments value time and resources by providing EDU-focused technical assistance for Google Workspace for Education domains. 

Customers work with members of the team, like Lalena Parkhurst, our Technical Support Consultant, to receive customized support through consultancy, proactive guidance, project management, and training.

Meet Lalena

To better amplify the transformational impact of Google’s cloud technology on education, Amplified IT has grown a lot in the last year to expand our reach and empower more schools. Lalena joined the Support team in January 2021, but had been collaborating with us for years in her previous role. 

Prior to this, she served as the Google Admin for a medium-sized district just outside of Austin, Texas. “We were an Amplified IT customer from the beginning of our Google Workspace journey. They helped us through our migration, challenges, and pain points,” recalled Lalena. “We invested in the Collaborative and then the Gopher Pack. We used Gopher for Chrome very often. We purchased Little SIS the summer before I left.”

In her current position as the Technical Support Consultant, she helps customers by responding to technical inquiries and guiding them through the implementation of domain projects in a way that is strategic and systematic. According to Lalena, Google’s support is more reactive and narrow. “They’ll tell you why you’re experiencing an error,” she explained. However, Amplified IT’s Support Services also reveal the bigger picture of a challenge, presenting a variety of routes customers can take to solve the problem. 

Support Services are engaged through support hours via a contract. Support hours can be utilized as challenges or projects arise throughout the academic year, or they can be applied to a Support Stack, a predefined engagement with set deliverables designed to use less than 10 support hours.

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Not only does Lalena help them navigate those options and select their best fit solution, but she also assists with keeping customers educated by helping with training and certifications for Google Workspace and Amplified IT products and services. 

Since working with Amplified IT, Lalena has witnessed its progress and has developed professionally. “It’s a really great place to work. Everyone here is an expert who collaborates with their co-workers and supports our customers, who are awesome to work with,” she said. “I’ve been able to tackle a bunch of new challenges and really enhance skills in ways I wasn’t able to before.” 

Lalena has worked with hundreds of institutions like yours. She and the Support team are eager to help you get the most out of your Google Cloud. To learn more about what technical assistance Support Services can provide you with your support hours, contact support@amplifiedit.com.

If you don’t have a support contract and would like to purchase one, contact an account manager.

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