Coffee, Chrome, and Culture – A Team Like No Other

Last week, to celebrate the end of Q3, we had a local small-batch coffee roaster come to our office to do a small educational talk and full coffee sampling. Jeff and Lisa from Fathom Coffee told us stories about where the coffee had been grown, how it was grown, how it was transported to the states (one guy even had to lug a few pounds of coffee in a suitcase through a war zone). Then they ground up some beans and made pour overs of each type of bean they had brought. Even a few folks who don’t typically like coffee enjoyed the joe they made.

Bringing Fathom Coffee in to do this for our team is just one of the perks we bring to the table at Amplified IT. We’re proud to have a culture that is enjoyable and built to make our team comfortable. We try to go the extra mile for our team because it’s full of some seriously high-performance folks. Part of that is just who we are as people, and part of it is simply born out of the fact that we are roughly two dozen people actively working with around 2,000 school districts.

We know our team has a lot on their plates and we push them to create more impact each and every day – and that often pushes them hard. In turn, we make sure that their works lives aren’t too stressful. We do our best to help them be their best selves.

If you want to change the face of technology in education, work towards being your best self, and play ping pong with your boss, then join our team! We’re hiring and you can check out our open slots here.

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  • Paul Rice
    Events Coordinator & Community Engagement


  • About the Author:

    Paul Rice joined Amplified IT after working on Capitol Hill and at a regional startup incubator. At Amplified IT, Paul focuses on building communities through in-person events and our online Google Technical Collaborative as well as leading community engagement locally.