• GoGuardian provides comprehensive security software for Chromebooks in education. The GoGuardian product suite protects students while browsing, helps educators maintain focused productivity, and provides advanced theft recovery. Customizable filters allow student access to beneficial content while offering unprecedented peace of mind for parents and teachers. With screen sharing and student usage history at their fingertips, teachers are able to guide in-class behavior and maximize the benefits educational technology offers. IT directors benefit from unrivaled device usage insights and industry-exclusive device tracking, making Chromebook fleet management easier than ever. GoGuardian is the only Chromebook management solution that protects assets and users while enhancing the classroom user experience.

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GoGuardian Admin is Chromebook filtering and management software that unlocks the potential of the internet while helping to block harmful and distracting content.

  • Theft Recovery: Geotracking and screenshots to recover lost or stolen devices
    Policies: Deployed by OU all the way down to the individual
    GoGuardianFlagged Smart Alerts: Advanced filtering that uses machine learning to filter based off the context of the page, rather than filtering based off specific keywords.
  • GoGuardianYoutube Granular Youtube Filtering: Ability to turn off comments, block sidebar, block by channel or keyword
    GoGuardianHomeFiltering Filtering on and off campus: Allows for separate policies by OU or on vs off campus

GoGuardian Teacher is a Chromebook classroom management software that allows teachers visibility into their students’ devices in order to create the perfect digital learning environment that protects, guides, and engages students.  With GoGuardian Teacher, your teachers can focus on helping their students, instead of policing their devices.

  • Screen Sharing:  Allow teachers to view student’s screens to make sure they are on task
    Browser Controls: Open or close tabs, lock browsers or screens, or share links with students
    Set Scenes: Create custom work, study, and testing environments
    Activity Timeline:  View every student browsing activity, past or present, on a single, easy-to-navigate page
    Chat with Students:  Ability to engage directly with individual students
  • What Admins are saying about GoGuardian Teacher

    Find out what school administrators are saying about GoGuardian Teacher. Using this classroom management tool, administrators can give teachers the technology they need to help keep their students safe and on task.

Purchasing this product through Amplified IT provides initial setup and training, along with access to unmatched technical expertise and customer support in the K-12 marketplace. Our EDU-specialized staff will provide roll-out training for your team, and offer proactive assistance with the entire implementation process. We will also work to determine the best way to utilize the service, and scope the best data management solution for your school district.

Amplified IT is vendor independent, which means every three months we review the services available to K-12 schools and select the ones we feel are most suitable for our customers. We have reseller agreements with all of these third parties and offer our assistance with their setup on your domain at no additional cost. When the service is bought via Amplified IT, there are no additional charges for deployment, ongoing support, and consultancy. If you are interested in a third party tool, let us know and we can advise you on if it’s the right fit and how best to deploy.