What’s coming in Q4 for Google Meet?

In this video, we give you a preview of Google Meet features that will be released in the fourth quarter of 2021:

  • Safety features

  • Waiting room access

  • Multiple moderators or co-hosts

  • Hand raising functionality

  • Pinning meeting attendees

  • Closed Captioning, including additional languages

  • Public live streaming (beta) 

  • Mobile app safety settings

  • Breakout room settings

  • Admin console capabilities including ending videos and meeting access

While most of the feature updates are for the Teaching and Learning Upgrade and Education Plus editions, there is one major change coming to the Fundamentals (free) and Standard editions of Google Workspace for Education with the retirement of temporary or free recordings.

You can expect a refreshed user interface this coming quarter alongside these important updates. For all the details and examples, watch the video below.

If you are interested in upgrading your current Google Workspace for Education edition to gain access to these Google Meet features for the continued success of your administrators, teachers, and students, contact an account manager

  • Tom Woods
    Google for Education Training Lead

  • About the Author:

    Tom Woods is a Google Cloud Certified Administrator, Certified Deployment Specialist, and Amplified Admin with over 24 years in IT and 17 years in K-12 education. Tom brings unique insights into the planning, implementation, and support of Google for Education in the K-12 space. His experience includes 14 years in a large Ontario K-12 district where Google Workspace and Google for Education was introduced in 2009 and has since grown into one of the largest installations in the province by Tom and his team. Joining Amplified IT 4 years ago, he now assists schools across North America and leads our Consultancy team of experts.