Special delivery! Audits, Kickstarts, and Provisioning: A team member spotlight

Amplified IT knows Google and knows education. Our mission is to support institutions in getting the most out of their Google Workspace for Education domain for the growth and success of all stakeholders. When customers take advantage of our Google for Education Audit, Kickstart, Chrome Checkup, and Provisioning offerings, they get access to industry experts on our Service Delivery team like Carl Behmer, our Service Delivery Lead. 

The team works with institutions to coordinate and manage all the processes surrounding Amplified IT services to ensure a trusted company-customer relationship and a highly efficient delivery. 

Meet Carl

Amplified IT is dedicated to empowering our customers, but it is often our customers who enable us to expand our reach. Especially when they connect with our passion for impact and join our team. Carl tagged into Amplified IT 4 ½ years ago when there were only 14 other employees. “Now we have 70 all across North America and the UK,” he said. He served as a Google for Education consultant before transitioning to the Service Delivery team.

He previously worked as the Director of IT for two school districts in California where he collaborated with Amplified IT on a series of projects. “I came across Amplified IT at a Google Summit in Templeton, California,” recalled Carl. “They migrated us from Groupwise over to Gmail and helped us with provisioning via Google for Education Sync provisioning tool. I also had Amplified IT audit both school districts’ domains.” 

In his current position as the Service Delivery Lead, he is able to tackle new challenges and continue supporting the education sector by leveraging his knowledge of technology and Google Workspace. Service Delivery performs Google for Education Audits, Kickstarts, Chrome Checkups, and Provisioning for our customers. These services help institutions mitigate misaligned Google Admin console settings, properly configure their domain if they are new to Google, monitor the technical health of their Chrome devices, and synchronize user data. 


Not only does Carl help them navigate through Amplified IT service options, but he also focuses on assuaging their concerns about transitioning to Google Workspace. “Our customers matter!” he added. “I enjoy interacting with our customers to share expertise that guides them in the right direction of achieving their unique goals for their Google ecosystem.”

Like many Amplified IT employees, Carl has worked with hundreds of institutions like yours. He and the Service Delivery team are ready to support you through your Google Workspace for Education journey. To learn more about our Google for Education Audit, Kickstart, Chrome Checkup, and Provisioning services, or if you are ready to purchase them for your Google Workspace environment, contact an account manager.

  • Jada Dawson
    Marketing Copywriter

  • About the Author:

    Jada joined Amplified IT in 2021 after 4 years of working as a high school English teacher in a Maryland public school system, and 7 years as a freelance copywriter, content writer, and editor. As the Marketing Copywriter, she is passionate about strategically using words to reach our clients and connect them to the benefit of our services for their classrooms and communities. When she is not writing or managing content, Jada can be found painting her next masterpiece, brushing up on her French language skills, traveling with her family, and teaching Sunday school at her church. She is an avid bubble tea drinker and loves french fries.