Little SIS Sync Agent

We are currently seeing an unprecedented need for the Little SIS Sync Agent add-on. To ensure we can fully support those schools already in the launch and onboarding process we will not be launching any new schools until September. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please check back for updates.

  • Little SIS Sync Agent add-on service:

    • Synchronize Classroom classes and rosters

    • Analyze and sync guardian invitations

    • Progressive automation and scale-up

    • Detect and link to existing, teacher-created classes

If your SIS program is not finalized until after the start of school or have teachers creating Classroom classes over the summer, aligning your SIS data can quickly become difficult.

A powerful add-on to the Little SIS web app, the Little SIS Sync Agent is a desktop or server application that automates Google Classroom classes, rosters, and guardians from any SIS.

Little SIS Combo

starting at

$950 per year

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