Taking higher education to higher heights with amplified services: A team member spotlight

Amplified IT has served over 4,000 institutions across North America, many of which have been institutions of higher education. Colleges and universities operate differently than K-12 school districts but also require quality and robust digital tools for productivity and security. Dana Haddon, our Higher Education Relationship Manager, works to ensure these institutions are equipped with their best fit Google Workspace for Education edition and complementary resources for their Google ecosystem to meet the unique technical needs of their staff, faculty, and students.

Meet Dana

According to emerging trends in higher education, institutions are looking to invest in tools that are free for students to access, enable a successful online learning environment for permanent hybrid and remote course offerings, and advance the use of data analytics to improve teaching and learning outcomes. 

Dana joined the Amplified IT team in January of 2020 as a Regional Account Manager providing schools in the West with technical tools and solutions. Her experience in working with customers and leadership’s desire to support higher education institutions in achieving their goals led to the development of the Higher Education Relationship Manager position. “The company decided to have a dedicated resource specialist for the higher education market,” Dana explained. “It’s a combination of account management for our current base and handling a significant amount of new business with our Amplified IT Director of Business Development and our CDW co-workers.”

Prior to this, Dana managed accounts for Issuetrak, a local software development company. Her extensive background in sales and customer success also came from working for Optima Insurance, Pitney Bowes, and The New York Times. When she began working for Amplified IT, she brought an enthusiasm to diversify the industry. Women currently make up 28.8% of the tech workforce and companies are 34% more profitable when there is diversity, inclusion, and gender equality. “I’m really passionate about providing women with opportunities to connect, network, and develop their careers,” Dana shared. “I am on the steering committee for the Richmond Virginia Technology Council (rvatech) women’s conference, which is one of the largest technical conferences for women on the east coast. I also volunteer for the Sisterhood of Technology Professionals (sistech).” 

Women make up 49% of Amplified IT’s 73 employees. Many of them constantly inspire Dana to do her best work. “The strong female presence here becomes a part of my “why” in my profession,” she added. Overall, Dana believes Amplified IT reflects the similar values emulated in the Women in Business movement. “I really enjoy the company culture. The welcoming environment allows me to be my full self at work,” she said. “The People Operations team does a wonderful job of making sure that we have opportunities to connect with each other. I’m really impressed that they were able to keep that intact during Covid.”

When higher education institutions engage with Amplified IT, Dana serves as the main point of contact for that customer base, directs them to the most effective and efficient resources to assist them along their Google Workspace for Education journey, and ensures they have a positive customer experience. “I believe that access to technology can be the great equalizer. I’d like to see greater access to technology for students everywhere and I’d like to make it easier for educators to use technology in the classroom,” she elaborated. 

Amplified IT is a mission-driven organization that focuses on relationship-building, transformative impact, and technical expertise, and our team is eager to support K-12 school districts and higher education institutions. 

To learn more about how our products and services can help your college or university get most out of your Google Workspace for Education domain, schedule a one-on-one meeting with Dana

For K-12 inquiries, contact an account manager.

  • Jada Dawson
    Marketing Copywriter

  • About the Author:

    Jada joined Amplified IT in 2021 after 4 years of working as a high school English teacher in a Maryland public school system, and 7 years as a freelance copywriter, content writer, and editor. As the Marketing Copywriter, she is passionate about strategically using words to reach our clients and connect them to the benefit of our services for their classrooms and communities. When she is not writing or managing content, Jada can be found painting her next masterpiece, brushing up on her French language skills, traveling with her family, and teaching Sunday school at her church. She is an avid bubble tea drinker and loves french fries.