Group Gator

This product is only available with the Admin Tools Unlimited bundle.

  • Overview

  • Group Gator is an add-on that gives Workspace Admins the ability to provide delegated management powers for Groups via a simple web interface.

How much more could Google Groups be doing for your organization?

  • As simple email addresses with Mail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites-sharing superpowers, Google Groups can provide a strong collaboration and communications backbone for running effective schools.

    Here are just a few of the many use-cases for groups in schools:

    • Admin and teacher team collaboration
    • Grade level announcements
    • Sports team announcements
    • Student club collaboration
    • Parent email announcements

Challenges that can prevent schools from getting the most out of Google Groups

  • Centrally-managed group membership may be perfect for certain use-cases, but what happens if you can’t automate membership sync from a directory?  What about cases where allowing staff to manage their own groups is truly the right model?

    The native group delegation methods don’t quite fit the reality of users:

    • Groups admin user role can manage all groups on the domain — too much authority.
    • Group owner user experience is clumsy, opens up many complex settings, and requires the user to be in the groups they manage.
    • End-users can’t easily see who is in which groups.
  • How Group Gator works

    The domain administrator assigns delegated group managers via a simple web interface.
    Delegated managers view and update group memberships using the Group Gator Add-on for Sheets.

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