Gopher for Groups

Dig into your Google Groups settings and root out the hidden risks

  • Google Groups is a powerful permissions, communications, and collaboration service in Workspace for EDU, but auditing and managing group access can be a challenge at scale:

    • The number of settings is overwhelming.
    • Group owners make risky edits to critical settings like “Who can join” or “Who can post”.
    • Changes aren’t easy for admins to easily discover.
    • Defaults for new groups are often too permissive for a school environment.
    • Settings are time-consuming to update at scale via Google’s native interface.

How Gopher for Groups boosts your administrative game

  • Quickly import all Google Groups’ settings via Google’s APIs.

    Filter for key privacy or online safety risks, such as permissive join or posting settings.

    Perform advanced group membership analysis to account for all owners and managers, identify nested groups, and look for groups with membership set to “all in domain”.

    Make your group settings directly in the sheet. Use the power of Sheets’ filters to limit which groups you want to update.

    Preview all changes before bulk-committing them to Google’s APIs.

How Gopher for Groups works

Gopher for Groups is an Add-on for Google Sheets that can be installed by any user with global administrative rights to provision and manage Workspace domain groups.

  • Like a chainsaw through butter

    Group Settings Gopher makes your work many times faster than the Groups’ interface, while also being much more user-friendly and less prone to user error than command line utilities.

  • Make it easy

    Finding and fixing risky settings should be easy, not hard.

  • Sleep better

    Knowing that no stray Groups are set to “Anyone can join” means you can move on to worrying about more important problems.

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