Gopher for Chrome

  • Stop playing whack-a-mole with your Chromebooks.

    • Do you move sets of Chrome devices into organizational units to optimize device settings for different groups of users, or for special use-cases, like kiosk-mode for computerized testing?
    • Do you use the Chrome management console to keep asset IDs, usernames, locations or notes up to date?
    • Can you quickly track down devices with older versions of Chrome, a specific serial number, used recently by a specific user?
    • When devices turn up damaged, or when users are suspected of vandalism, can you get the evidence you need to resolve the situation?
  • Challenges that prevent schools from getting the most out of the Chrome Management Console

    • Limited search parameters make it challenging to fully explore patterns or filter for groups of devices by a specific characteristic.
    • Without a 3rd party tool, keeping annotated fields like location, asset ID, user, and notes up to date requires painstaking, device-by-device data entry.
    • Selecting and moving a large number of devices from one organizational unit to another can be quite challenging within the console interface.
    • There are no search options that query against device activity history.

Gopher for Chrome just got a service update!

Recently, we released the v3.1.1 update for Gopher for Chrome to make loading devices even more efficient. Load approximately 100,000 devices in just a couple of minutes with the latest Cached quick device fleet report option. This is currently a non-editable “report”, however institutions with larger fleets will save time loading devices, 20-30 minutes worth, and have quicker access to up-to-date device data.

Go Premium with the Gopher Buddy Extension

  • Gopher Buddy is a Chrome Extension, available with the Gopher for Chrome Premium offering that:

    • Extends the reporting powers of the Gopher for Chrome to include user sessions that capture username, local & public IP address, start time, and session duration in minutes.
    • Gives logged-in Workspace users permission-based access to recent session info and device metadata like SN and Asset ID from the logged-in context.
    • Nudges users to help prevent Chrome devices from falling behind in their OS updates.

650 happy districts and counting!

    “Gopher for Chrome has been a huge time saver! Being able to quickly update Chrome devices in Google’s admin console has let us spend more time getting devices to the classroom and less time managing them.”

    Michael Cullers, Granbury ISD, TX

  • “Gopher for Chrome has allowed me to go from days to minutes when mass updating Chromebooks. We have over 12000 Chromebooks in our district, and we order 4000 at a time. Gopher for Chrome has simplified the way we get information into our Google Admin Console, working within Google Sheets. This is a life saver!”

    Susan Herder, Mounds View Public Schools, MN

    • Your device data, your way.

      Put the full, flexible, filterable, formula-funtastic and feature-rich experience of Sheets to work against your bare-metal device data — just as it comes out Google’s APIs.

    • What are you doing Saturday?

      If you’ve been doing all of this stuff manually in the admin panel, Gopher for Chrome will give you back your weekends.

    • Elementary, my dear Watson

      Your colleagues will indubitably remark upon your new swagger in solving workaday Chromebook mysteries.

    Start using Gopher for Chrome for FREE

    While using it for free, you will only be able to perform 5 actions per year (to include bulk actions, device refresh, etc). You can upgrade at any time to obtain unlimited actions.

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    • Unlimited domain users / access can be delegated by device OU… learn more
    • Additional 10% discount for GFE Technical Collaborative members
    • Dedicated help desk and live chat support
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