Google Workspace for Education Deep Dive

This detailed features matrix explains the admin and end user features of the new Google Workspace for Education editions. Explore the differences between Fundamentals, Education Standard, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus editions.
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Edition Fundamentals Education Standard Teaching and Learning Upgrade Education Plus (previous GSEfE Edition)
Gmail, Docs, Sheet, Slides, Sites, Jamboard, Chat, Google Meet (Basic features), and Classroom+Assignments are available for free across all editions.
Advanced Security and Analytics Data loss prevention for Gmail and Google Drive and Google Vault are available across all editions.
Investigation tool
Security Health
Enhanced group management
Advanced mobile management
Export Classroom and Gmail logs to BigQuery
Device and Services Audit (rule enforcement)
Usage logs for Drive, Classroom, and more in the admin console
Enhanced Communication
Basic features (adding: end meeting for all, mute all, emoji reactions)
Meet recordings Temporary when released Temporary when released Save and archive Save and archive
Participants 100 100 250 250
Live streaming 100,000 viewers (in domain only, external late spring) 100,000 viewers (in domain only, external late spring)
Break out rooms
Attendance tracking
Noise cancelling
Only participants in a Classroom roster can join a meet Later This Year Later This Year Later This Year Later This Year
Admin can end any meeting in the organization by back to school by back to school
Meet Log data available in the investigation tool
Meet Log data available in Admin console
Instructional tools
Originality reports Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud search
Classroom integrations Late Spring Late Spring
Auto sync rosters from SIS to create Classroom classes
Document approvals / workflows