• Overview

  • A Google for Education Audit provides an in-depth review of your Google domain by industry experts against EDU best practices. All services and settings are analyzed; any not set up to best practices are documented and recommendations are given on how to implement them for your school.

Ready to get started?

The focus of the Audit will be split into the following key areas:

  • Audit1

    Operations & Management

    Review of domain set up, OU structure, account provisioning, admin roles, and user account management.

  • Audit2

    Services & Configuration

    Analysis of all core and additional services, Chrome user and device settings. Third party tool setting recommendations also are provided.

  • Audit3

    Security & Compliance

    Snapshot and analysis of current security and compliance settings for Gmail and Drive filtering and sharing.

  • Audit4

    Adoption &

    Reporting and insights on Chromebooks as well as in-depth Classroom metrics

Gain insight on the potential errors in your Google for Education domain, by reviewing the top errors we find in the Audit.

Get a summary of the ‘Top Google for Education Domain Configuration Errors found during Audits’.

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What will you learn from your Audit?

  • The output of the Audit will be a comprehensive documented report. Each finding will be analyzed and will answer the following: what it’s current set to, what the setting should be changed to, why it should be changed, and how to change it.

  • Pickerington Public Schools’ Google for Education Audit addressed major security concerns, resolved content compliance issues within Shared Drives, and improved the district’s management of Chrome devices. Read their case study. 

How it works?

1. Kickoff Meeting

An initial Kickoff meeting will be carried out to gain an understanding of the current use of Google Workspace for Education with your school. A list of questions will be asked and key focuses for your Audit will be identified.

2. Review/Analysis

Amplified IT consultants will remotely review your Google admin settings. Every setting will be recorded, analyzed, and compared against EDU best practices. No changes will be made to settings in the console.

3. Report Creation

The output of the Audit will be a comprehensive, documented report in a Google Doc. It will be
split into sections detailed in the Overview section.

Within each section the report will be broken down into:

  • Findings
  • Recommendations
  • Web resources to support recommendations

4. Review Meeting

An Amplified IT consultant will explain each part of the Audit in detail, ensuring
that your school understands the findings and recommendations set forth.

What is next on your Google roadmap?

Whether you are rolling out Chrome Devices, Gmail, Shared Drive, or anything else in Google Workspace for Education, our industry-leading experts will ensure you have a solid foundation to build upon with a Google for Education Audit. Connect with our experts and get started today!