• Overview

  • Event-o-Matic is an add-on for managing Google Calendar events from Sheets data or Google Forms.

  • How much more could Google Groups be doing for your organization?

    • Bulk create calendar events from Sheets data.
    • Automate event creation from Google Forms submissions.
    • Google Forms driven event approval flows
    • District academic and extracurricular calendars
    • Cyclical or block teaching schedules
    • Student and parent conferences

How Event-o-Matic works

Event-o-matic is a Google Sheets Add-on that gives any user the ability to merge spreadsheet data into calendar events. Users can also create events in bulk, or automatically generate events into a calendar from Google Form submissions.


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$0 per year

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  • Create up to 25 calendar events per day


Individual User

Activates a single user account

$25 per year

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  • Unlimited event creation (subject to Google’s quotas) on one account
  • Dedicated help desk support

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Domain Bundle

starting at

$165 per year

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  • 33% discount when purchased as part of the Amplified Admin Tools Unlimited bundle.
  • 10% discount for  Collaborative members.
  • Same support, features & benefits as a la carte subscription plus additional bundle subscriber benefits.

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A la carte domain subscription

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$250 per year

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