Pear Deck

  • Pear Deck is an interactive presentation tool used to engage students in individual and group learning. Teachers can incorporate response-driven questions within their presentations which allows students to answer in real time. Anyone watching the presentation can simply log in from any device and engage the presenter, asking or responding to questions. When students answer questions, their teachers can display the results to the class.


What Pear Deck Offers

  • Effortless Google Integration

    Pear Deck lives in the cloud and is integrated with Google Apps for Education, so you spend less time administering and more time engaging your students.


  • Inquiry-Based Learning

    Put inquiry at the center of your lesson and create self-motivated learners. Ask questions that spark curiosity and challenge intuition instead of just delivering the facts.


  • Individual Plus Social Learning

    Learning happens when we think and grapple with problems on our own. Learning also happens when we collaborate and share. Pear Deck brings them both together.


  • Can I import a previously made presentation?

    Yes. Powerpoints, Google Presentations, PDFs, as well as other Pear Decks can be imported.

    Can I present the same deck to different groups?

    Yes. When you create a slide presentation, or deck, the file is stored in your Google Drive. You can open it, edit it, and present it as much as you want.

  • Can I use Google Classroom in conjunction with Pear Deck?

    You can turn on the Google Classroom Add-on and invite your Classroom class to join your Pear Deck presentation. Your students can even get Chrome notifications when you invite them.

    What devices and browsers are supported by Pear Deck?

    Pear Deck actively supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users. It also works great in these browsers on all kinds of devices, including:

    • iPhones, iPods, and iPads
    • Chromebooks
    • Laptops and desktops (Mac, PC, or linux)
    • Android devices (phones and tablets)

    Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.