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  • Hapara offers a Cloud-based instructional management system to K-12 education institutions who use Google Apps for Education. Hapara’s use of Web-based modules such as Dashboard, Highlights, and Workspace support learner agency, teacher engagement, and organizational change with applications that enable visibility, differentiation, and safety in the digital environment.

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    • Organizes learners into groups and provide individual feedback and support to improve skills and mastery of topics.
    • A quick summary provides learner progress across GAFE, blogs, sites, and Gmail organized by classes and subjects.
    • Shares documents, assignments and resources quickly with individual learners, groups and the whole class.



    • Gains visibility into student documents and browsing activities so you can confidently keep them on task.
    • Remotely open tabs, close tabs and even lock screens when required.
    • Engage students in conversations about their learning and online behavior through direct messaging or private feedback.



    • Gives learners an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments and customize their submissions.
    • No need to create multiple units and lessons. Differentiation is accomplished within your learning workspace.
    • Streamlines the organizational work of teaching and learning by keeping everything in one place.
  • Dashboard features

    • Get a bird’s-eye view of each student’s activity in Google Apps.
    • Easily send one or more files to individuals, groups, or even multiple classes.
    • Search all students’ Drives at once.


  • What is the purpose of Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard?

    Schools around the world use Teacher Dashboard to help educators manage the files, communications, and overall visibility of their student’s work in Google Apps.

    How does Hapara Highlights work on student devices?

    Highlights is an extension installed within the GAFE Admin panel on students’ Chrome browser to let teachers and administrators see the tabs they have open in Chrome. Highlights also lets teachers open Web pages for students, close Web pages for students, and send students messages through the browser.

  • Can I configure Google Apps Directory Sync for Hapara?

    Teacher Dashboard is fully compatible with GADS and will not interfere with student account creation, suspension or deletion, and is not impacted by changes to group membership for directory-services-managed groups.

    How are classes and students added to Hapara?

    Class and student data can be managed in one of three ways: manually via spreadsheet uploads, via a third party provisioning software like Clever, or via custom syncing with your Student Information System. Amplified IT can work with your district to determine the best solution for you.

Purchasing this product through Amplified IT provides initial setup and training, along with access to unmatched technical expertise and customer support in the K-12 marketplace. Our EDU-specialized staff will provide roll-out training for your team, and offer proactive assistance with the entire implementation process. We will also work to determine the best way to utilize the service, and scope the best data management solution for your school district.

Amplified IT is vendor independent, which means every three months we review the services available to K-12 schools and select the ones we feel are most suitable for our customers. We have reseller agreements with all of these third parties and offer our assistance with their setup on your domain at no additional cost. When the service is bought via Amplified IT, there are no additional charges for deployment, ongoing support, and consultancy. If you are interested in a third party tool, let us know and we can advise you on if it’s the right fit and how best to deploy.