G Suite Enterprise For Education

  • G Suite Enterprise for Education offers additional enterprise-grade capabilities designed for large institutions, customized for education.

    • Advanced controls for administrators

    • Enhanced analytics and search

    • Enterprise-grade communication 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does G Suite Enterprise for Education licenses work?

G Suite Enterprise has two different pricing models- Partial Domain Licenses (PDL) and Full Domain Licenses (FDL).

Organizations considering Partial Domain Licenses must purchase a minimum of 15% of their FTE or 50, whichever is higher. Partial Domain Licenses cost $48/user/year.

Full Domain Licenses pricing is $24/year/faculty and you receive 10:1 student licenses for free when purchasing for your entire domain.

Google uses the NCES database to calculate FTE, found here.

How long is the promotional pricing available?

G Suite Enterprise for Education promotional pricing has been confirmed through July 31, 2020. For organizations purchasing full domain licenses, the price can be “locked in” for 3 consequtive years to assist with long-term budgeting.

Can I try G Suite Enterprise for Education before I buy it for my organization?

Yes, for 30 days, every G Suite for Education domain can trial G Suite Enterprise for Education with up to 10 user licenses. Fill out this form to get a trial started today.

What is the difference between purchasing licenses for a partial and full domain?

Some functionality is only available to licensed users including Cloud Search, Originality Reports, Context Aware Access, Windows 10 Device Management, Record in Meet, Live Streaming, Mobile Device Management, Gmail logs to BigQuery, and your choice of data regions. More on licensing can be found here.

What type of onboarding/support is offered by Amplified IT?

Amplified IT provides G Suite Enterprise customers with full onboarding, support, and resources for continued learning. Launching in April 2020, there will be a full online course to support schools adopting G Suite Enterprise.

  • Complimentary Onboarding & Training

  • Test out the features

  • By purchasing G Suite Enterprise for Education via Amplified IT you’ll get complimentary onboarding and training by our award-winning team on how best to successfully implement the service in your G Suite domain.

  • Pilot G Suite Enterprise for Education on your own domain for 30 days FREE with 10 of your users. As with every service we offer, Amplified IT is here to ensure it is the right fit for your school or district.

G Suite Enterprise for Education Pricing

  • Standard Pricing

    For institutions purchasing individual licenses:

    • $48/user/year for faculty & staff
    • $48/user/year for students

    *Contact us for additional options

  • Limited Time Promotion

    For institutions purchasing licenses for all faculty and staff:

    • $24/user/year for faculty and staff
    • FREE for eligible students

    *Contact us for more details/options