• Overview

  • A Google for Education (GFE) Pulse Service offers schools and districts the ability to keep informed and up to date on all things Google during the school year. Utilizing our standard GFE Support packages, regular cadence calls with Amplified IT Consultants will be scheduled and you will receive critical information regarding updates and changes to G Suite. Exploration of key and new Admin Console settings will ensure compliance and pro-active alignment with district initiatives. Consultants will provide your team solutions as GFE issues are identified.

The Pulse service will provide:

  • Regular Cadence

    Scheduled  monthly or quarterly meetings with our consultants and your GFE team that fit with your timeline.

  • GFE Updates and Releases

    Assist your team to understand the new updates/release and how these can be leveraged to support your initiatives.

  • Constant Admin Console Evals

    As new services and features are released, we will work with your team to ensure your Admin Console settings are always set to EDU best practices.

  • GFE Issue Solutions

    Technical Services will provide solutions for problems and issues identified by your team within the GFE suite.

  • Actionable GFE Roadmap

    Our knowledge of the Google Cloud ecosystem will ensure your team is well informed on the long-term direction of G Suite and GFE.

What to expect with the Pulse Service:

1. With the initialization of the Pulse Service, a portion of your GFE Support hour time will be allocated towards scheduling monthly or quarterly cadence meetings with our consultants and your GFE team that will last through the school year and summer.

2. Cadence meetings will include constant evaluation and validation of key Admin Console settings, identifying and solving problems or issues with our Technical Services team, and ensuring your team is well informed on the plans and long-term direction of G Suite and GFE. This time will also provide valuable opportunities to learn out about new services, features and changes to G Suite and the GFE ecosystem before or shortly after they are released. This will ensure your Google adoption is not disrupted or impeded by surprises and issues.

3. Through this cooperative engagement, issues and challenges being experienced by district staff and students can be quickly and efficiently identified, scoped, and solved to ensure a successful Google environment.