G Suite Enterprise for Education: Top Questions and Answers

G Suite Enterprise has gained more and more momentum within K-12 and higher education schools.  Here at Amplified IT, we’ve been busy talking to schools and understanding what are the key features that interest them most and how they plan to use Enterprise within their own G Suite domain.  After speaking 1:1 with over 50 districts in North America, we’ve fielded some common questions/concerns surrounding G Suite Enterprise. Maybe you have other questions or use cases you’d like to discuss?  We encourage you to reach out to our team.

1. How do G Suite Enterprise licenses work?

G Suite Enterprise licenses can be assigned and purchased either by user or domain-wide.  The minimum purchase requirement is 15% of your faculty in G Suite or 50 licenses, whichever is greater.  For example, if you are a school of 30 faculty, the minimum purchase is 50 licenses. There is the ability to move licenses from user to user by reassigning licenses as needed. The easiest and most cost-effective method is to purchase domain wide licenses of G Suite Enterprise.  

For both faculty and students, the cost is $48/user/year if you purchase individual licenses rather than for the entire domain. Domain-wide licenses for all staff is $24/staff/year and free for students.  This is an introductory price that can be secured for 3 years. Amplified IT offers support, training, and onboarding to all of our customers who purchase G Suite Enterprise through us.

2. Could G Suite Enterprise replace other paid for services?

Many customers we’ve spoken to in the last few months are interested to see if other services they currently are paying for can be consolidated by purchasing G Suite Enterprise.  What types of services could it replace? Common tool consolidation options include Data Loss Prevention services or web conferencing hardware/software. A key decision for deciding to leverage Enterprise is typically cost and whether or not schools can consolidate services, which has been a topic of conversation when considering cost.  Contact Amplified IT and we can assist with a compare/contrast of the current services you have and whether Enterprise could benefit your district.

3. What are the top ways schools are using the Investigation Tool?  

Most customers that are the G Suite administrators for their district are most excited about harnessing the power of the Investigation tool.  If you are a GAM user or wish you had the time to learn more about how to utilize GAM commands, the Investigation Tool can take care of all of the common use cases via a GUI (v. command line experience of GAM). If you missed your original post on Top Features of G Suite Enterprise, take a peek here.  

Learn about Education-Focused Admin Console Certifications for Your Team.

4. Speaking of the Investigation Tool, can you delegate permissions to use the Investigation tool?

Yes, you have the ability to delegate permissions of GSEFE.  Here is an idea of some of the permissions:

We also recommend that you enable the ability to have reviewers for taking bulk actions that could result in the deletion or modification of large amounts of your organization’s data. To prevent accidental or malicious use of the tool, super admins in your organization can set up the investigation tool to require reviewers to approve bulk actions. Learn more here.  

5. Is there a free trial?

Yes! There is a fully functional trial for 30 days for 10 users. You have the ability to assign (and re-assign) the ten licenses as you wish during your trial.  We recommend that you check with your team to ensure it is an optimal time to start the trial as it will not be extended. You can get started with a trial by filling out this trial request form and our team will be in touch shortly.

We anticipate that Enterprise will continue to evolve based on the needs of educational institutions. If you didn’t find what you were looking for in this post, we encourage you to reach out to our team for a thirty-minute consultation.  Also, did you catch our G Suite Enterprise webinar live?  If not, you can go back and watch the full version here.

The Amplified IT team is leading the way on how best to deploy and get the most out of G Suite Enterprise for Education.  We have a dedicated partner and consultancy team who are working together with leading schools to find the best ways and use cases to use Enterprise within the education space.  You can join that group and benefit from the free onboarding and training offered by purchasing your G Suite Enterprise for Education licenses via Amplified IT.

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  • Catherine Weers
    Partnership Manager

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    Catherine Weers joined the Amplified IT team in 2017 after 13 years working in Public Schools as an educator and Technology Coordinator. She has a rich history in Educational Technology. Today, she is the Partnership Manager where she is in charge of ensuring schools get the right tools to fit their individual needs in security, Chromebook management, web filtering, backup solutions and much more. She is your #1 resource so feel free to ping her and chat about how she can help your district find the right fit.