Google Voice for Education Overview


Recent events and school closures have brought to the forefront the immediate need for communication between staff, students, and parents. G Suite Admins from K12 to Higher Education are searching for a simple, smart, and scalable phone system to support faculty, staff, teachers, and adminstrators.

Google Voice ticks all the boxes. It provides users the ability to use phone numbers that are not tied to a device so calls can be placed and received from any device, anywhere without using personal phone numbers. Further, because it is a Google service, it is easily managed and audited in the G Suite admin console. Amplified IT is offering a free trial through July 31st that can be requested here.

Google Voice is extremely helpful for your teaching and administrative staff because now:

  • They can use their Google Voice number to contact other teachers, students, administrators, or parents, instead of using their personal number

  • They can answer phone calls from virtually any device

  • They can tie the Google Voice system to office hours via Google Calendar

  • Their voicemail is now made easily readable with Google’s machine-learning Text to Speech transcripts enabled

  • They will have virtually no spam calls with Google’s spam filtering

  • Calls are auditable through the Admin Console event log

Google Voice Features:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Voice free or does it come free with G Suite Enterprise for Education? Google Voice is a paid service independent of G Suite Enterprise for Education.

Currently, Google is not providing any Google Voice for free, however, Amplified IT is offering a free trial for EDU licenses through July 31st and 50% off licenses for continued services past the trial.

Does Google Voice Trial have usage limits? No there are no limits on system usage.

Is there a minimum number of licenses I need to set up for the trial or to get the discounted EDU pricing? No there is no limit minimum or maximum licenses required for accessing the trial or discounted EDU pricing.

How do I get my institution started with the trial? To get started with the Google Voice trial, you will need to submit a Google Voice trial request here.*

*Applies only to U.S. K12 & Higher Education institutions

Google Voice Overview Video

Amplified IT and David Rosenthal from the Google Voice team present an overview of Google Voice, reasons why we recommend it, and best practices for education.

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