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Recently, Amplified IT’s Partner Manager, Catherine, and Go-Box’s Product Manager, Brad, spent some time chatting all things Chromebook enrollment. If your district is expecting to receive a large number of Chromebooks this summer, we urge you to take a peek at the benefits of Go-Box. Don’t miss the discount code from Amplified IT (promo code noted at the end of the post).

Go-Box Chrome is a solution for automating the enrollment and configuration processes on large quantities of Chromebooks.

What is the history of Go-Box?

Go-Box emerged from technology being developed for the United States Air Force. When an overlap with K12 education was identified, the Go-Box solution was developed to help schools automate the enrollment and configuration processes on large quantities of Chromebooks. Ironically, Go-Box and Amplified IT, just 30 minutes away from each other, had never met or heard of one another. Our shared mission of helping Chrome schools aligned at FETC in 2017 and a collaborative partnership was formed in 2018.

How is the Go-Box price different than white glove service cost?

White glove enrollment services typically cost $5-$10+ per Chromebook device. This quickly becomes taxing on even large IT budgets. Go-Box provides schools a fast and easy way for IT departments to take deployments on themselves, saving thousands of dollars over white glove services. In fact, many white glove providers use Go-Box commercially! It’s a no-brainer for schools with large Chromebook deployments to own Go-Box. It pays for itself after the first deployment and continues to add value for the school each time new Chromebooks come in, or anytime Go-Box is used to automate repetitive Chromebook processes.

Want to compare the cost of white glove services to Go-Box?

Check out the calculator to learn how much Go-Box can save you compared to white glove service.

Learn about education-focused Admin console certifications for your team

What differentiates Go-Box from a semi-free solution, such as Centipede?

  • Go-Box setup is so simple, no technical experience or coding knowledge required, while Centipede is a free, open source, and *UNSUPPORTED* script made available by Amplified Labs to run on the Arduino mini micro-controller.

  • Go-Box automates 16 Chromebooks at a time vs. Centipede only automating 1 per Arduino.

  • The Go-Box dashboard U/I is wirelessly accessible from any browser and allows you to quickly and easily manage all 16 USB ports in 1 spot. The dashboard also displays your script execution in real time.

  • Go-Box comes with full tech support. Everything from getting started assistance, to help with complex WIFI setups, or even walkthroughs to create custom automation scripts for unique environments.

  • Enrollment templates are provided for all Chrome OS versions to Go-Box customers. As soon as a new Chrome OS is released from Google, Go-Box customers can download it from the Go-Box support page and immediately load their unit.

  • The Go-Box can save up to 100 unique configurations, enabling schools to provision into specific OUs, switch between WIFI settings, and different OS versions.

  • Go-Box has enhanced security features including its 16-in-1 form factor that solves the security risk of small Arduinos from getting lost or ‘walking away’ into the hands of students with sensitive Google Admin credentials loaded.

Is there a warranty?

Go-Box comes with a full 1-year warranty and ongoing support for the life of the product. And if you’re unsure if it will work in your unique environment, Go-Box also carries a guarantee.

How many Go-Box units do we need?

Some customers look at 1 Go-Box unit per 2000 Chromebooks. For optimal efficiency, schools buy 1 Go-Box for each IT technician that works with Chromebooks on a regular basis. This 1:1 ratio allows each tech to keep a Go-Box on the go for quick process automation. And when a large deployment is occurring, multiple Go-Box workstations saves even more time.

For districts opting to manage large-scale enrollments themselves, Amplified IT recommends considering Go-Box as an easy, yet powerful solution for DIY mass Chromebook enrollment automation.

Learn more at Amplified IT customers can save $150 off per Go-Box by using the promo code AMPIT when requesting the quote on their site.

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  • Catherine Weers
    Partnership Manager

  • About the Author:

    Catherine Weers joined the Amplified IT team in 2017 after 13 years working in Public Schools as an educator and Technology Coordinator. She has a rich history in education technology. Today, she is the Partnership Manager where she is in charge of ensuring schools get the right tools to fit their individual needs in security, Chromebook management, web filtering, backup solutions and much more. She is your #1 resource so feel free to ping her and chat about how she can help your district find the right fit.