GAFE Audit – Ryan


  • Overview

  • A GAFE Audit provides an in-depth review of your GAFE domain by industry experts against best practices. Each setting will be documented and analyzed including the integration with other IT systems, tests of compliance, and evaluation of the effectiveness of current usage of GAFE offerings.

The focus of the GAFE Audit will be split into a review of four key areas:

  • Audit1

    Operations & GAFE Management

    Analysis of procedures, practices, policy documentation and systems surrounding the day-to-day management of GAFE resources.

  • Audit2

    Services & Configuration

    Technical audit of the settings and configuration of GAFE core services, Chrome device management, marketplace apps and other services.

  • Audit3

    Security & Compliance

    Snapshot and analysis of current security and compliance settings. Deep scan of drive usage, content and sharing settings.

  • Audit4

    Adoption &

    Reporting on and tracking of usage of core applications.

What will you learn from your GAFE Audit?

  • The output of the audit exercise will be a comprehensive documented report. Each section will be broken down into areas noted for improvement, recommendations and associated high-level risks. Links to Web resources will be provided for each recommended action.


  • Audit 5

    Detailed analysis by EDU focused GAFE Experts.


  • Audit 6

    Review and analysis of every GAFE admin console setting.


  • Audit 7

    Baseline report with recommended actions.


  • Audit 8

    Action focused GAFE tech training.


  • Audit 9

    Creation of a solid base for your GAFE roadmap.


How it works?

1. Kick-Off Meeting

An initial Kick-Off Meeting will be carried out to gain an understanding of current use of GAFE with your school. A list of questions will be worked through and key focuses for your Audit will be identified.

2. Review/Analysis

Amplified IT consultants will remotely review your GAFE admin setting. Every setting will be recorded, reviewed and compared against best practices. Settings will NOT be changed or modified by the consultants. GAFE usage statistics and a deep Google drive scan will be carried out.

3. Report Creation

The output of the Audit will be a comprehensive, documented report in Google Docs. It will be
split into sections detailed in the Overview section.

Within each section the report will be broken down into:

    • Findings
    • Recommendations
    • Web resources to support recommendations

4. Review Meeting

An Amplified IT consultant will explain each part of the Audit in detail, ensuring
that your school understands the findings and recommendations set forth.

What is next on your GAFE roadmap?


Whether you are rolling out Chrome Devices, Gmail or Google+, our industry-leading experts will ensure you have a solid foundation to build upon with a GAFE Audit.