Amplified Admin Bootcamp

  • Overview

  • This one day training will guide your IT staff through educational best practices and G Suite Admin console skills and techniques. The bootcamp includes a series of training lessons, hands-on exercises, real-world education examples and knowledge checks to prepare attendees for life as a school G-Suite administrator. A brief test will be given at the end of the day to assess your new found skills.

What Does the Bootcamp Provide?

  • A face to face training that includes hands-on experiences and peer collaboration

  • A G Suite for Education domain is provided for each attendee for skill and knowledge practice

  • Certification and Badge for Passing the Admin Console Mastery Exam

  • Outcomes

    • A greater knowledge of key approaches, settings, and techniques
    • Deeper insight into G Suite and its effective application in a school environment
    • A solid foundation in G Suite management
  • Audience

    • Current G Suite Admins
    • Technical focused staff
    • Instructional staff with G Suite management responsibilities
  • Prerequisites

    • Familiarity with IT administrative basics
    • 3+ months experience with the Admin Console and its navigation
    • Basic understanding of G Suite user and service management


  • I am brand new to G Suite and want to get training, is this the right training for me?

    This training is for G Suite Admins who already have some experience and a basic understanding of the Admin Console.

    Do I need a test domain?

    No. A test domain will be provided for all attendees during the training.

    Will there be a test during the day?

    Yes. Our team will provide a knowledge retention and mastery test at the end of class

  • Will I learn things to help me pass Google Certification tests?

    Yes, this EDU specific course and certification provided by Amplified IT provides comprehensive knowledge that can easily be applied to the G Suite administration skills Google may test for in the future.

    How do I sign up?

    Registration is now open and can be done via the link below.

    How much does it cost?

    The cost to attend the bootcamp is $299 per attendee & *Collaborative members receive a $50 discount

Register for an Amplified Admin Bootcamp